Neuroscience reveals the predictable segments that drive human behavior. Yes, always

Quickly get to what really delineates behavior for your market. 

Traditional segmentation – like most research – relies on “what people think they think.” In the age of Behavioral Science, those multi-month, exorbitant budget studies are an inefficient relic.

Powered by The 9 WHY’s, we identify segments that go well beyond mere attitudes to clarify the Motivations and Costs that drive real-life behavior.

This lets you go to market leaner, meaner, and more effectively than your competition.

The trouble with traditional segmentation…

The segments are unique, but not actionable.

Hooray! You found a unique (usually psychographic // attitudinal) way to define the audience. Boo… you can’t point out the people in real life to bring it to bear on real world behavior.

The segments are actionable, but not unique.

Woot! You used traditional measures to identify demographic segments you can reach with activation programs. Oops… your competitors did the same thing and you’re all working against the ‘lowest common denominator’ in the marketplace.

The schema reflects a static point-in-time.

Phew! You finally got through the data room to align on segments. Dang… you’ll have to live with them for years to come – even as the consumer context and competitive landscape evolves continuously.

Which is why BeSci segmentation…

Reveals the WHY, and connects it to real life.

The world of Neuropsychology provides the techniques to measure the pre-conscious drivers of behavior. Advanced statistical modeling links these pre-conscious WHY’s to real-world tactics so you focus on what matters most in driving your category and brand. Unique AND actionable.

Measures what’s changing over time, and provides clear direction on what to do about it.

Once you know what matters most, you can ditch confounding equity monitors, instead continually measuring the few things that matter most in real life, and provide your team with an agile approach to continuous improvement.

This stuff is kind of secret…just contact us, and we’d be happy to explain further