Our Secret Sauce…

Behavioral Science: The new frontier of insights, strategy, and innovation.

The world of academia has spent decades applying lots of money and countless big brains to research that reveals the WHY’s of human behavior. But that knowledge rarely makes it off campus.

We’re much more than an innovation consultancy, because we know this world of behavioral science cold, and we translate it to work in the world of brand innovation strategy.

This means the core human truths we provide aren’t merely opinions – they’re science. Which means your team can focus on addressing them, rather than debating them.

Phrases like neuroscience marketing, behavioral science research, neuromarketing, and ethnographic research are bantered about quite a bit. And yet, they rarely serve as more than mere buzzwords.

Here, they are far more than hype. They are the foundation that lets us reveal breakthrough consumer insights. That’s because every principle we apply, and every model we’ve built, are not our opinions; they are the culmination of reams and terabytes of clinically-tested, peer-reviewed, scientifically-accurate knowledge of why we humans think and do what we do.

The world is simple.

Infinite music comes from combining just 12 notes.

An endless spectrum comes from only 3 primary colors.

And, similarly, an overwhelming range of human behavior is driven by just 9 WHY’s.

We measure The 9 WHY’s and match them to real-world behaviors within a consumer context to reveal a true understanding for marketing teams.

Our strategy creation combines traditional behavioral and demographic measures with implicit, pre-conscious measures from the world of academic Behavioral Science. Together, this understanding provides a complete – and simple – explanation as to WHY people behave in the ways they do and more importantly, how to use this understanding to grow your business. Big time.

Our understanding of the basic building blocks of human behavior lets us study the context of a given business, category, or brand in a holistic way that’s never been possible before.

In our quantitative studies, you’ll see familiar demographics and behavioral questions – things that are easy for people to simply quantify for us.

Combining those with implicit, pre-conscious measures from neuropsychology lets us understand the ways people form perceptions and make decisions. In other words, we can get ‘under the hood’ of the WHY’s behind behavior that consumers don’t even consciously recognize themselves.

Our proven, proprietary neuropsychology model reveals the 4 MOTIVATIONS that drive behavior, and the 5 COSTS that hinder it.

Where Motivation outweighs Cost, behavior follows.

This stuff is kind of secret…just contact us, and we’d be happy to explain further.

We measure & prioritize a person’s Motivations // Costs within a given context via our simple, proprietary study.

Designed, implemented, and analyzed by our team of specialized PhD’s, each study is comprised of implicit activities derived from the world of academia to reveal the “tells” of human neuropsychology.

Once we’ve clearly identified which of The 9 WHY’s are in-play for your biz, our Cognition Playbook unpacks a wealth of knowledge on how to activate, including…

  • The types of content and stories that will grab attention via service of the specific Motivation, and reduction of the salient Cost.
  • Tactical design guidance to stand out from the noise.
  • The key inflection points that actually translate into real-world behavior.

Just think of it as a wiring guide to the human OS (and The 9 WHY’s tell you which pages to flip to.)

Conventional vs. Neuropsych Strategy

Want a quick side-by-side explanation of the differences between traditional research vs. neuropsych-driven insights? Just click here.