How we measure the WHY’s that drive real-life behavior…

The 9 WHY’s guide strategic planning & decode consumer behavior.

BeSci cracks the code within…

  • Innovation Platforms
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Qualitative Observation
  • Segmentation
  • Knowledge Elevation

The 9 WHY’s reveal the Motivations that fuel growth.

While many talk about product innovation via ‘platforms,’ few can define an innovation platform. Quite simply, established BeSci reveals the 4 Motivations – and the 4 associated platforms – that drive behavior. And set the foundation for the future of your business.

Our platform development technique leverages our StorySimple software to merge everything you already know about your business with our knowledge about human behavioral science to identify the richest opportunities unique to YOUR brand.

Within StorySimple, we create strategic ladders that stack product, category, and human layers to reveal the Felt Needs consumers experience, which drive (or prevent) behavior.

Our strategic platforms yield an enduring playbook, spelling out not only what should be done today, but the opportunity over time to drive sequenced growth for the long haul.

Mystical Words From Innovation Finally Defined

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The online // mobile survey is fresh again thanks to our proprietary 9 WHY’s neuroscience-based activities.

The simple survey is fresh and vibrant once more thanks to our battery of proven, neuroscience-based activities that assess The 9 WHY’s within the context of your business for consumers or customers anywhere in the world.

We apply this technique across a range of objectives – from early stage need identification, to detailed path-to-purchase mapping, to idea vetting and elevation.

Each study captures quant-level confidence, along with deep, rich understanding of the WHY’s – so you’ll have all you need to go forth and prosper.

BeSci Ethnography

Observing The 9 WHY’s at work in peoples’ natural habitats.

// Felt Need //: the articulation of an emotional motivation that compels behavior that is un- or under-addressed in the current marketplace.

Uncovering Felt Needs is the key to successful innovation and marketing programs (many stop at mere consumer insights). Your consumer’s journey to discovering, buying, enjoying, loving, and advocating your brand happens lots of places throughout daily life. Our ethnographic study lets us ride shotgun 24/7 – and our established psychology-driven activities let us ensure we uncover the WHY’s behind real-life behavior.

Getting to the core of consumer behavior with ethnographic research means observing people up-close-and-personal, in real life – even when nothing is happening (in fact, those are often the parts that matter most).

Our mobile ethnography + online ethnography embeds us (and your team) in the lives of consumers to uncover the Felt Needs people need resolved – and that will grow your business.

Quickly get to what really delineates behavior for your market. 

Traditional segmentation – like most research – relies on ‘what people think they think.’ In the age of BeSci, those multi-month, exorbitant-budget studies are an inefficient relic.

Powered by The 9 WHY’s, we identify segments that go well beyond mere attitudes to clarify the Motivations and Costs that drive real-life behavior.

This lets you go to market leaner, meaner, and more effectively than your competition.

Do you even need more research? Most companies sit atop a mountain of unrealized understanding.

Past projects, studies, initiatives, and ‘tribal knowledge’ represent a wealth of know-how. And yet, that knowledge is relegated to archived servers, and occasionally sifted through like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Thanks to The 9 WHY’s, there’s far more value there than meets the eye. We leverage this BeSci-driven framework within our StorySimple software to transform mere ‘background documents’ into tighter research briefs, and can often identify huge opportunities based on existing information alone.

Whether the first phase in a global initiative, or simply trying to answer a tough internal strategic question, we’ll show you just how much you actually already know.

The 9 WHY’s guide concept development & real-world activation.

BeSci guides success within…

  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Concept Vetting
  • Path-to-Purchase Journey Mapping

Quantitatively mapping the 3 Need States your brand currently serves, should serve, and how to make it happen. 

Behavioral Science reveals that there are three fundamental need states a person will experience throughout a day, a week, a year, and even throughout life. This brand strategy technique quantitatively measures where your category, brand, and competitors sit in the minds of consumers relative to serving these need states – and visualizes the results in a simple, intuitive triangle model.

This makes it obvious where opportunities exist to zig-where-others-zag and create unique, relevant meaning for your brand that will drive the real life behavior to grow your biz.

We then apply The 9 WHY’s to create a tangible brief (aka positioning concepts) that will position // re-position your brand for success. You can even re-run the map over time to track how your brand is evolving in the minds of consumers.

Concept Development

Elevating FROM “products we might try to sell” TO “behavior we can enable.” 

New ideas come and go. The key to successful concepts is reframing them FROM “products we might try to sell” TO “behavior we believe we can enable.”

Our sensory-centered concept development approach creates simple concepts and strategies that leverage natural human cognition to empower behavior change. Our concepts leverage The 9 WHY’s to clearly articulate the Motivation it serves and the Cost it reduces.

Each concept also leverages our exclusive System 1 // System 2 Design guide – an exhaustive resource that connects The 9 WHY’s to tangible design, providing tactical instruction on everything from how to capture attention, to how to create deep meaning with composition, color, and even font. It’s truly a wiring guide to human cognition – and the behavior that follows.

Concept visuals: Avoiding the Uncanny Valley

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Leveraging both types of thinking is key to evaluating & improving ideas.

The human brain naturally evaluates stimuli (like a marketing message or a new product) two ways:

  1. Fast thinking guides behavior and attention in a real life shopping situation, where choices are made quickly and information is limited.
  2. Slow thinking guides behavior in a marketing communication situation, where information is readily available and the consumer can engage with the proposition at a more deliberate level.

Our concept vetting approach leverages both types of cognition in a quant-size study that still yields deep understanding of WHY an idea is performing in a certain way, and how to optimize it. Each concept is evaluated across 7 distinct phases to assess the fast thinking reaction, the slow thinking reaction, and to identify specific ways to improve both.

Identifying where to grab attention, and where to communicate ideas.

A person’s brain unconsciously processes 11,000,000 bits of information per second. Of those 11,000,000 bits, only 40 bits are processed in the conscious mind. So, roughly 99.9996% of stimuli and marketing communication basically doesn’t exist in a person’s mind. Boo.

In a world of infinite noise, and countless things competing for a consumer’s attention, winning brands must prioritize what message to deliver, and when. We leverage both System 1 thinking (aka ‘fast thinking’) and System 2 (aka ‘slow thinking’) within The 9 WHY’s framework to provide laser-focus on what types of messaging will most effectively reach consumers // customers within the path-to-purchase.

This helps ensure your brand, products, and messaging are among those precious 40 bits that cut through the clutter to drive behavior.

3 Common Mistakes In Journey Mapping

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