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You’ve certainly heard OF our clients. But it’s more important to hear FROM them in terms of the results The 9 WHY’s unlocked in real life…

Thriveplan is the organization I go to with nearly any strategic insights challenge I find myself tackling for my clients. Their approach is unique and groundbreaking in that the foundation is rooted in long-studied behavioral science. The particular category and consumer group is then overlaid along with the particular objectives of the research, whether that be segmentation, journey mapping or other specific understanding gaps. The result is a road map for the clients that uncovers much deeper, more actionable insights than the typical primary research study. The team is comprised of true strategic partners versus just a research supplier. With the talented team and the behavioral science approach, my clients are never disappointed.” 
– Principal, Strategic Insights Consultancy
“We were looking to understand consumers in a new way and Thriveplan definitely delivered. We have a whole new understanding, and appreciation, for where consumers are coming from that we never had before. It was the type of insight leadership we were looking for. Be prepared to think in new ways.” 
– Insights Director, Global Beverage Portfolio

Segmenting global moms not by their demographics, but by the WHY’s that predict their buying behavior. 

The reasons moms choose one diaper over another can be elusive. We created the global playbook to change the conversation, enabling a much stronger emotional appeal for the $1B+ brand. 

The challenge: a global segmentation study revealed the who, what, when, and where of moms everywhere – but stopped short of explaining the WHY. Plus, the team struggled with the added challenge of far-flung global teams needing to rally around a consistent point-of-view on the strategic target…

What we did: conducted a global quant study assessing The 9 WHY’s as they correlate with the strategic segments to identify themes and alignments to explain what really drives moms’ buying behavior.

The outcome: The 9 WHY’s aligned with the global segments to a staggering degree of statistical significance (which we consistently see). This alignment fueled the global playbook to explain specifically how to win with the various segments, including tactical media and messaging opportunities – crucial in guiding strategy and brand activation for the billion-dollar business.

Journey Mapping

“Thriveplan has made all the difference. They bring a very disciplined approach to surfacing salient insights that instill confidence with all stakeholders that consumer centric decisions are being made. Thriveplan insights have enabled me to focus my resources by prioritizing the many choices that my brands have to engage with consumers throughout the entire path to purchase. I have been able to drive double digital sales growth with initiatives build on a solid foundation of Thriveplan derived insights.”
– VP Omnichannel Marketing, Global Household Care Portfolio
“By working with Thriveplan, we were able to understand how the barriers and motivators to engage with our products shifted along a consumer’s journey, not just at a single point in time. Through the work, we were able to better tailor our communication strategy to address the mindsets of our key targets and improve our effectiveness in market.”
– Director, Marketing Science, Fortune 100 Financial Services Provider

Explaining the WHY’s to drive the annual strategy for a category-leading food & beverage portfolio. 

The brand team knew that the category was consumed around a handful of key events each year. We explained WHY, and provided a clear brief that drove 10% growth.

The challenge: the brand portfolio relies on a few peak events to make or break each year’s performance. But competitors clamor for the same precious share of voice, and the activation team needed a way to zig where competitors were zagging.

What we did: by conducting The 9 WHY’s iterative, quantitative studies throughout the year, we identified which Motivations are actually driving shopper + consumer behavior around each event – and revealed that the category competitors were focusing on the wrong ones.

The outcome: the portfolio brand team has applied the resulting strategic playbook with great success, including results such as 10% year-over-year growth for one of the key annual periods.

“I rely on Thriveplan any time I want to help reimagine what we are trying to do. With their unique blend of behavioral science understanding, business acumen, and their creative approach to research, the team has helped us gain valuable knowledge about our customers and raise our innovation game.”
– Sr. Research Manager, Global Industrial B2B Portfolio
“The team at Thriveplan are strategic partners, not merely market researchers. Their thoughtful approaches to solving business questions are grounded in science-based principles of human psychology and uncover a deeper understanding of why your consumers behave the way they do.”
– Sr. Leader, Global Innovation // Behavioral Science, Personal & HH Care Portfolio

Tapping rich growth potential by leveraging not what the product IS, but what it DOES

Successful innovation in the confections space is notoriously elusive. We populated the innovation pipeline with fresh, incremental ideas in a category where seemingly everything had been tried.

The challenge:product line extensions had driven meaningful growth in previous years, but the well of new ideas had run dry. The team had tried literally every flavor available, enlisted the help of a range of partners, and yet it still appeared there were no new ideas for the portfolio of brands, and even the category.

What we did: applied neuro-sensory principles in our proprietary resource The 9 WHY’s Cognition Playbook to show the team how to assess the portfolio not from the perspective of what it IS, but what it DOES. We revealed a wealth of new consumer-centric WHY’s the brands were uniquely suited to serve through innovation.

The outcome: the project generated over 100 new innovation ‘mini-concepts.’ In quantitative screening (which included the most successful previous launches as benchmarks) 24 of the concepts out-performed the best-ever previous launches in terms of both volume and incrementality, projected at $76MM of total volume. Multiple of the ideas continue to launch…

Teaching a Fortune 150 company to win with stronger business stories.

Business storytelling is certainly a buzzword, yet still challenges most teams. We taught the entire Insights and R&D teams of a leading company to drive stronger results with stories, and provided the tools to make it stick. 

The challenge: the CMO announced that dry PowerPoint decks were outlawed. The R&D group received senior feedback that their story-telling had to improve to enable decisions among their business unit counterparts. But simply saying “tell better stories” was not an achievable goal. Not to mention the fact that most of the team members were highly skeptical about the value of more “training”…

What we did: leveraged the 5 Story Types to create a step-by-step guide to creating prioritized, simple, persuasive stories that enable smart business decisions. We taught hundreds of professionals within the company the technique via in-person and online collaborative sessions.

The outcome: beyond enthusiastic feedback and adoption of the tools and technique, the process remains the gold-standard approach, used daily by teams throughout the organization. And the CMO agrees 😉