Our breakthrough software transforms information into stories…

StorySimple lets the team elevate the rich ideas that will drive real-world behavior.

Still trying to generate great ideas in a pressure-cooker, time-zapping, impossible-to-schedule innovation workshop? Old-fashioned brainstorming doesn’t work for one simple reason, and it’s based on neuroscience.

The human brain is not programmed to think of ideas that way, so all the ideation facilitation and sticky notes in the world can’t overcome the natural creative process.

We’ve all noticed how inspiration comes in the shower, in the car, and even lying in bed. There’s a neuroscientific reason for that – and our idea creation approach takes advantage of it rather than fighting it the way traditional innovation workshops do. Our StorySimple software lets the team collaborate iteratively via our online ‘canvas’ to generate, build, collide, and refine ideas over time. The result: richer, stronger ideas naturally emerge, with the whole team contributing to get them there.

The 5 story types make ‘storytelling’ simple.

Clear, prioritized information means fewer meetings, more understanding.

The true definition of business storytelling: The transmission of information in a prioritized, simple, persuasive manner in order to enable smart decisions.

Enter our digital storytelling software. We’ve mapped the brain’s natural creative process, and put it into simple, intuitive storytelling software that lets us work lean, smart, and efficient. This system leverages decades of business storytelling expertise (we’ve taught entire divisions of big companies to do it) to create an uber-intuitive sequence of steps that work the way people naturally think to create a clear, emotional narrative.

Sound stories ensure your team spends its time acting on opportunities, not debating over them. With the click of a mouse, you can then publish your story in our online format that will light up your audience’s screens and enable smart decisions. Yet another way we stay lean, mean, and dangerous to the conventional.

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Unlike traditional ‘presentations,’ every story prioritizes information to make it clear, memorable, and immediately useful.