Our StorySimple ­software lets you tell stories that enable smart decisions, so you spend time acting – not deliberating.


Humans + Techniques = Smart.

The true definition of business storytelling: the transmission of information in a prioritized, simple, persuasive manner in order to enable smart decisions.

We’ve mapped the brain’s natural creative process, and put it into simple, intuitive storytelling software that lets us work lean, smart, and efficient.

This is because sound stories ensure your team spends its time acting on opportunities, not debating over, and trying to convince each other, of them.


Enter our digital storytelling software. We’ve leveraged decades of consumer research experience, and business storytelling expertise (we’ve taught entire divisions of big companies to do it) to create an uber-intuitive sequence of steps that work the way people naturally think to reveal natural patters as we create a clear, emotional narrative.

With the click of a mouse, you can then publish your story in our online format that will light up your audience’s screens (and/or publish your story in the ubiquitous PPT deck). Yet another way we stay lean, mean, and dangerous to the conventional.


Business storytelling:
everyone’s talking about it, but what is it?

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