Iterative Ideation


Still trying to generate great ideas in a pressure-cooker, time-zapping, impossible-to-schedule, facilitated innovation workshop? Old-fashioned brainstorming doesn’t work for one simple reason: neuroscience.

The human brain is not programmed to think of ideas that way, so all the ideation facilitation and sticky notes in the world can’t overcome the natural creative process.

We’ve all noticed how inspiration comes in the shower, in the car, and even lying in bed. There’s a neuroscientific reason for that – and our concept development approach takes advantage of it rather than fighting it the way traditional innovation workshops do. It looks something like this:

The team collaborates iteratively via our online dashboard to generate, build, collide, and refine ideas over time.

We then use our unique Concept Bridging technique to elevate the richest ideas into complete, disciplined ideas with real teeth.

Summary: we show you how to conduct new product development by creating ideas the way the brain naturally works.