BeSci Ethnography


Getting to the core of consumer behavior with ethnographic research means observing people up close and personal, in real life—even when nothing is happening (in fact, those are often the parts that matter most).

Our BeSci online ethnography + mobile ethnography embeds us (and your team) in the lives of consumers to uncover the Felt Needs people need resolved—and that will grow your business.

/Felt Need/: the articulation of an emotional motivation that compels behavior that is un- or under-addressed in the current marketplace.

Uncovering Felt Needs is the key to successful innovation and marketing programs (many stop at mere consumer insights). Your consumer’s journey to discovering, buying, enjoying, and loving your brand happens in lots of places throughout life. Our ethnographic study lets us ride shotgun 24/7 – and our established psychological principles mean we know how to leverage this research medium to get to the core WHYs of real-life behavior.