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While we’re much more excited about what we’ve actually helped our partners achieve than merely displaying their logos, most people like to know that, by working with us, they’re in good company…

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Habits of Control recently explained the differences between 2 quant-established need states.

A marquis food brand had recently conducted an exhaustive demand-landscape study, which revealed two high opportunity spaces – but stopped short of explaining how to win there.

Assessing the Habits of Control of consumers within each space quickly separated the two, and revealed a wealth of innovation opportunities unique to each.

We recently helped a portfolio of brands show Target & Walmart how all boats can rise.

Our Habits of Control lens revealed how, for a common family care category, Walmart & Target are naturally attracting different shoppers, in very different ways.

We uncovered the story of a complementary shopper strategy to not only build both retailers’ businesses – but the brand’s, too.

Recently, our BeSci Survey revealed that a B2B2C brand was focused on solving the wrong problem for users.

By having the brand’s customers, not consumers, complete the survey, we were able to understand the key drivers for getting product from the brand to the consumer.

The resulting strategic ‘Playbook’ is empowering the brand to focus on the customers and their needs to ultimately fill the needs of their consumers.

Recently, we took a deep dive with Millennials through our BeSci Survey to uncover what makes them unique.

…and we uncovered that not only are Millennial Men and Women very different from other generations, but they are also very different from each other.


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Recently, we used our Habits of Control model to elevate a brand’s existing knowledge to transform ‘existing’ data into ‘hot-off-the-presses’ intel.

Our approach allowed the team to cut through the noise of trend analysis & subjectivity by focusing on solving known problems with simple evolutions to things the brand already does well.

This enabled a billion-dollar brand to break free from an innovation tailspin and set a clear path for long-term development.

Recently, our BeSci Ethnography revealed an emerging gap in the food and cooking landscape.

In a common – and crowded – food & cooking category, our mobile + online ethnography revealed a Felt Need that consumers didn’t tell us, but rather, showed us.

These learnings, especially among Millennial consumers, opened up rich opportunity that the brand was uniquely suited to fill. Several of the resulting products will be hitting shelves soon.

Recently, our CJM empowered a portfolio of marquis brands to break through.

Our approach revealed an opportunity to better time promotions, and position them more directly against consumer // shopper drivers.

The resulting commercial program drove double-digit sales growth within the key Summer season.

Recently, our proprietary ThriveMall real-life concept vetting approach allowed us to vet potential products within live online transactions.

Through our ThriveMall website, we were able to measure concept interest and vet ideas against real-world benchmarks with our Mom target.

The output resulted in clear direction for the MVP (minimum-viable product) based on the benefits the product provided, and performance of ideas in a real-world context.

Recently, our innovation platforms allowed a client to understand the potential of expanding into a new category.

By aligning the Audience and Felt Needs of the new category with the capabilities of our client, potential in this new space was unveiled.

The resulting platforms allowed the company to clearly identify core business opportunities for entering the new category – currently driving focused innovation development.

Recently, our BeSci Segmentation work empowered a global brand to truly understand the WHYs behind consumer // shopper behavior.

Using our BeSci Survey, we aligned global segments with the core human Habits of Control that drive each.

The resulting playbook is currently guiding holistic global omni-channel strategy, commercial program // shopper planning & innovation.

Recently, our iterative ideation process allowed a health and wellness brand to identify new product opportunities.

Using our unique Concept Bridging technique, the brand was able to create ideas that would resonate with both existing and new customers.

The resulting platforms provided the 5-year innovation plan for new products, populated with tangible – and feasible – ideas to bring each opportunity to life.

The brand is launching products across 3 strategic platforms starting in 2017.

An established portfolio of confections brands was struggling to find new flavor experiences to inject consumer interest into the category – and they’d already tried EVERY flavor imaginable.

Using our Cognitive Pathways BeSci model, we quickly explained the true WHYs behind their most successful past flavors – and over 100 new flavor experience ideas naturally followed.

In quant testing, 5 of the new ideas tested beat their best-ever new flavor introduction benchmarks.